About the AAMI Scholarship Fund

The AAMI Scholarship Fund is a need-based scholarship offered year-round to individuals who are looking to engage with the Homewood community and create and enjoy music in a supportive environment. AAMI offers two 16-week semesters in the Fall and Winter and one 8-week semester in the Spring. AAMI scholarships will cover the cost of the registration and the respective semester.

We currently offer scholarships to participate in our Boys Choir and our Senior Programs.

Founded in 1990, the Boys Choir has grown into a group known for its musical styles and interpretations of African American music including Black art music, blues, gospel, pop, spiritual, and jazz.

Today the choir is a crucial part of AAMI’s infrastructure serving as the foundation of the Youth Laboratory. The Boys Choir is a positive community-based alternative that enables its members to experience the richness and excitement of creative expression.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Auditions are open to all young males, starting at the age of eight, that display intense energy and a strong desire to perform.

Senior Programming

AAMI is working with the local senior centers in Homewood to develop and implement a new cooperative program schedule that provides seniors with the opportunity to create music and attend various music events hosted by AAMI.

Our senior programming is important to the aging Homewood community as it provides a creative outlet that reduces stress, improves speech and cognitive skills, and increases social interaction.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Senior citizens currently living in Homewood and surrounding neighborhoods, with a focus on Homewood. Preference will be given to senior citizens who demonstrate significant financial need.

  • Senior citizens that have not already received a Senior Scholarship Fund award within the past year. Senior citizens may receive the scholarship for a maximum of two (2) semesters.

What Are the Application Requirements?

Interested applicants should fill out the AAMI Enrollment Agreement Form and deliver it in person or mail it to the Afro-American Music Institute at the address below:

Afro-American Music Institute

7131 Hamilton Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. You may only submit one application per semester. Please call 412-241-6775 with any questions.

If you are interested in supporting AAMI’s Scholarship Fund, please click the yellow “Donate” button below. With your support, we can continue building community and instilling a comprehensive knowledge about the Afro-American contribution to the world. Thank you!

We currently offer scholarships to participate in our Boys Choir and our Senior Programs.